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According to Rubicon Technology ’s chief executive, the company is targeting to increased demand from Japanese customers due to supply disruptions after the massive earthquake.

Chief Executive Raja Parvez said in a recent interview that ,"We are seeing some additional requests for additional materials" from major Japanese led chip manufacturers.
"I believe there are some challenges with the one of the Japanese suppliers to provide them with the required quantity," Parvez added.

Top Japanese manufacturers of Leds include Toyoda Gosei  and privately held Nichia Corp.
Rubicon manufactures sapphire substrates for LEDs. It controls about 25 percent to 30 percent of the global market, and most of its sales are to customers in Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

The company still expects prices on its sapphire substrates to be about the same in the second quarter as they were in the first quarter, Parvez said, though he said increased demand from Japan could help support pricing.

"This should enhance the pricing environment, but definitively I can speak only once I have the data with me," Parvez said