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Reportedly, Taiwan-based Nanocrystal Asia Inc., in which Formosa Epitaxy and Unity Opto Technology hold a combined 20% stakes, has intended to sign an agreement with Formosa Epitaxy to make a unique chip it recently introduced.

Thanks to the patented defect-free GaN nanostructure Led technology, the chip outperforms Formosa Epitaxy`s chips by three to four folds in terms of brightness.

In addition, the technology is famous for lower cost, and improved reliability, thus fueling high-volume adoption in markets for solid state white Lighting, automotive, and LCD backlighting of laptops, PDAs, cell phones and TVs.

Acording to Formosa Expiaxy chairman F.R. Chien , the Nanocrystal technology will dominate the industry in the coming two years and that using the unique technology will help his company boost chip brightness by 50% annually, surging from annual pace of 15-20% in past years.

Nanocrystal President Ehud Lee said his company will enter into partnership with Taiwan`s LED industry by licensing its technology to local manufacturers in exchange for their contract manufacturing service. The company also will farm out big-volume contracts to Formosa Expitaxy.