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Foshan Yongmin Brush Co., Ltd.
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Contact:Mr Zhang
Address:No. 40, North of Shuitou Industria Avenue, Dali Town, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guang dong

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Foshan Yongmin Brush Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Foshan Nanhai Pingzhou Yongming Brush Factory), founded in 1986, is a professional manufacturer of various brushes such asindustrial and household brushes with rich experience in brush production through 27 years of development.


Our company has highly competent and skilled staff, introduces advanced production equipment and intelligent computer-based mechanical equipment including computer-based five-axis, four-axis, three-axis, double-head bicolor three-axis CNC drilling and hair planting machine, and boasts complete mould design capability and a rigid quality control system. The materials include copper wire, stainless steel wire, Dupont wear-resistant wire, hog bristle, horse bristle, imported sisal, PA6, PA66, PET and PP brush filaments. Our products mainly include iron sheet brushes, elevator brushes, automobile brushes, military gun brushes, snow brushes, filter brushes, cleaning brushes, medical brushes, BBQ brushes, pipe brushes, oil brushes and supporting brushes. In addition, our company is engaged in hair planting. Our specially designed mechanical brushes are the most popular with customers

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Floor Broom&Dustpan Set(G666)
Floor Broom&Dustpan Set(G666)
Floor Broom(G662)
Floor Broom(G662)
Floor Broom(G661)
Floor Broom(G661)
Floor Broom(G663)
Floor Broom(G663)
Floor Broom(G665)
Floor Broom(G665)

Contact:Mr Zhang    Tel:+86-0757-6321679    Fax:+86-757-83665258
Address:No. 40, North of Shuitou Industria Avenue, Dali Town, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guang dong     Copyright:Foshan Yongmin Brush Co., Ltd.