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Contact:Mr Zhang
Address:No. 40, North of Shuitou Industria Avenue, Dali Town, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guang dong



Food and Beverage Industry

Various vegetable brush machine, washing machine brush roller, brush roller peeling machine, miscellaneous hair to brush, brush cut meat machine and a variety of special-shaped food

Mechanical brush textile industry

Stereotypes brush wheel, needle plate, chain, cloth clip, singeing machine brush, comb brush, brush printing machine, spinning brush, brush roller, such as glass cleaning industry: glass washing machine brush roller , grinder strip brush, brush roller press, glaze line disk brush, PP, PU, ??PVC, PVA sponge roller, etc.

Wood furniture industry

Sanding machine brush, polishing cloth wheel, brown brush, roller brush, paint brush, brush seal strip, wire drawing machine brush and other environmental sanitation industry: all kinds of box sweeper brush, disc brush, washing machines and hair brush roll, sewage treatment brush, cleaning brush fence

Metal processing industry

Pickling line brush roller, painted wire brush roll, skim wire brush roller, stainless steel wire brush roller cleaning, polishing production line brush roller, brush roller coating production line, shot blasting machine brush, PVC scrubbing brush the plate printing machinery brush, etc.

Building Materials Industry

Block brick brush, brush tile machine, iron brush, brush and other abrasive polishing machine cleaning industry: a variety of polishing bristles of the brush, sisal strips, cotton wheel, cotton sheets, wool wheel, horse hair round bristle wheel, wire wheel, etc. Shoes: microdermabrasion machine brush, brown aluminum wheels roughing machine, grinding machine wheel horse hair, glue brush with the sun

Shaped brush roll industry

Textile Machinery stereotypes round brush, brush the shoe machine, shoe brush bed brush, brush roller and other companies can offer customers in accordance with the drawings, in-kind model for the production of various special-shaped brush, brush roll, size is not limited. While providing the old brush roll repair, improvement and cost savings for customers molting services

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Contact:Mr Zhang    Tel:+86-0757-6321679    Fax:+86-757-83665258
Address:No. 40, North of Shuitou Industria Avenue, Dali Town, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guang dong     Copyright:Foshan Yongmin Brush Co., Ltd.   
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